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Using his S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Framework
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Escape the Daily Grind and
Learn How to Crack the Code for
While Cutting Back Hours
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I’ll be walking you through the Exact Process We Used to
Cut Down Our Workweek From 5 Days to 4 Days to
3 Days and Increased Our Production...
If you use these same systems and strategies, I have no doubt you can do the same thing!

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Hosted by Dr. Chris Griffin

the original 3 Day Dentist
since 2008

What you’re going to learn

  • Why the Schedule IS the most important part of all of this and why your receptionist isn't to blame... (neither are you) and How to Fix the Schedule Once and for All
  • The Magical 4th Day Protocol and How to Use it to Give Your Practice an Advantage Better than Staying Open 7 Days Per Week
  • How to Use the 3 Day Workweek as a Powerful Advantage to Attract the Most Amazing Top-Notch Team in Your Area
  • And Much, Much more....

We promise we won’t hold anything back ………… EVERYTHING REVEALED, NO CHARGE 

WARNING: Missing this Training Could Cut Years Off Your Life

Your Practice Life that is. Recent Studies Show that Many Dentists are Working into their 70s. Just How in the World do You Think Those Dentists Will Be Able to Hold Up to the Daily Grind IF They Are Working 4 or 5 Days Per Week? THEY'RE NOT! Learn This Now and Give Yourself the FREEDOM that comes with having Options.

PLEASE NOTE WEBINAR ATTENDANCE IS LIMITED and this ONE TIME LIVE training will fill up quickly because this Formula is groundbreaking and the webinar is limited to 500 attendees due to technical restraints even though we expect over 2000 dentists to register. Sign up now by clicking the button.

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Learn the 3 Day Dental Workweek Lifestyle with Dr. Chris Griffin